Bed Bugs

bed bugs CPM

Bed bugs are identified as flat, round, and reddish brown in colour, they have become a common pest especially found in hotels, apartments, and student accommodation, and are frequently encountered by travellers. Bed bugs are considered a pest as they do cause harm to humans, their bites cause irritation, and welts. 

Concerned that you have bed bug? See the common signs of an infestation:

  1. Bites on skin in the morning 
  2. Black dots found around mattress, bed-frame, sheets 
  3. Blood spots on sheets or mattress 
  4. Black stains

This pest is commonly transported to new areas by being carried from place to place by clothing, luggage, furniture, and bedding. They are generally found in the bed frames, mattresses, skirting boards, carpets, drawers and cupboards, wardrobes, and bedside cabinets. 
If you are a regular traveller or just anxious about the spread of bed bugs, there are many simple steps the Civil Pest Management recommends in order to prevent the spread:

  • Leaving bags and luggage off floors, especially carpet 
  • Leave suitcase out in the sun 
  • Vacuum floors 
  • Wash clothes and dry in the sun