fleas CPM

Belonging to the insect order Siphonaptera, fleas are most common in household with pets. There are two main pest species in Australia, the cat flea and dog flea.

When identifying fleas, it is important to look for the following characteristics:

•    Laterally compressed body
•    Enlarged hind legs – fleas can jump about 20cm high 
•    Piercing-sucking mouthparts 
•    Strong claws
•    Rear pointing hairs and bristles 
•    Range from 1-10mm in size 

Why are fleas a pest to look out for?

Especially if your household does have pets, it is essential to stay aware of fleas. Humans can be greatly affected by fleas as it can cause serve irritation to the skin, and result in tapeworm infestations if consumed. It is essential for pet owners to make sure their pets are treated against fleas to help prevent infections, vacuuming can also minimise the issue.