spiders CPM

There are an estimated 10,000 species of spiders found throughout Australia, making spiders a big part of the Australian lifestyle. Depending on the spider they prefer different types of environments, varying from damp and moist areas or much drier and warmer environments. 

Spiders can enter homes in many different ways, from windows, air vents, doors, crack and holes or any other little crannies. Therefore, it is essential in order to prevent these pests from migrating into your home that all potential openings are sealed and close off. 

Some of the most common spiders you will find in your home are:

  • White-tailed spider 
  • Black house spider 
  • Common house spider
  • Daddy long legs spider 
  • Funnel web spider 
  • Huntsman spider 
  • Redback spider 

The peak of the spider season is typically in summer where they are most active, however during the autumn months spiders tend to enter homes when trying to find shelter and warmth for the winter season.