termites CPM

Any building structure can be attacked by termites. Regular maintenance should include measures to minimise conducive conditions that may attract termites to your home. 

Factors which may lead to termite attack include:

  • Poor subfloor ventilation.
  • Concrete slab edges covered by soil.
  • Garden debris against building.
  • Soil filled areas.
  • Concealed or non-accessible areas.
  • Formwork timbers not removed.
  • Damp areas.
  • Leaking pipes.
  • Tree stumps & mulch.
  • Wood rot.
  • Gardens, pathways or turf abutting walls
  • Weep holes being obstructed.
  • Any timber in contact with soil such as form-work, scrap timbers or stumps.

You should endeavour to ensure such conditions DO NOT occur around your property.