wasps CPM

In Australia there are about 10,000 wasps species, they are known to be stinging insects, being distinguished from bees by many different behavioural and physical characteristics. Wasps have a more slender and pointier body than bees and therefore can be easily identified, they are also winged and can range from 1-5cm in length. 

Wasps can be aggressive insects especially in the warmer months or when disturbed or provoked, with their stings being very painful and sometimes life threatening if you are allergic. It is important to avoid stings to ensure you:

  1. Do not panic in the presence of a wasp
  2. Do no scream or swat them – this will cause the wasp to get agitated 
  3. Do not wear bright clothing 
  4. Ensure food and drinks are not left out or are covered – wasps love things which are sweet 
  5. Remove any visible wasp nest ASAP 

What to do if you see a wasp nest at home or work?

Disturbing their nests can be very dangerous as it may provoke them and therefore, they will become very aggressive, therefore it is recommended not to touch it without a pest technician. Ensure that doors or insect screens are kept closed to avoid the wasps from entering the house or workspace and contact us for a specialist technician to come and rectify the issue in a safe manner to avoid any stings. 

If you happen to get stung, there are some ways to ease the pain:

  • Applying a cold icepack to the area to reduce swelling 
  • Take antihistamine tablets or painkillers to assist with the pain
  • Consult with a doctor or medical practitioner if there are concerns 

It is important that if someone is experiencing an allergic reaction to call the ambulance immediately for treatment.