Are you frantically trying to manage a chain of restaurants, food venues, clubs, pubs or super markets?

Hygiene & Housekeeping Compliance Inspections

One of the key challenges is to ensure uniformity and adherence to hygiene and housekeeping practices across all outlet stores.

You don’t want council or food authority inspectors finding compliance breaches in one store then impacting the rest. You cannot be at all locations at all times to check that standards are being met.

Civil Pest Management can assist by undertaking inspections and provide you with a detailed evaluation report for all the premises you manage.

Independent evaluations can be done in advance of council inspections to assist in ensuring you are meeting compliance obligations. Identify any training needs including the development of hygiene & housekeeping checklist.

Pest Inspections for food premises

We provide independent pest reports – based on our IPM program, we evaluate current pest management practices at your business premises, the environmental conditions impacting effective pest management and recommendations for improvement going forward.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Program 

Integrated pest management (IPM) is a best practice approach toward pest management that results in long-term effective suppression of pest populations while minimising hazards to human health and environment.

We don’t just spray chemicals! The most effective way to control pests is to address the cause of the pest problem directly.

The program includes a comprehensive checklist, specifically designed for your site and business type, which aids in identifying the presence of conditions that are conducive to attracting pests.

Pesticide chemical application measures alone are not a long-term solution in maintaining a sustainable, pest free environment. Best practice treatment plan for any business employs a combination of investigation, monitoring practices and the implementation of ecologically based strategies.

Without a comprehensive investigation and monitoring program, pest activities can undergo un-noticed until they become a bigger problem – infestation!

Our IPM preventative pest management program focuses on long-term prevention or suppression of pest problems through a combination of practices referred to as EREM.

This is a four (4) step approach emphasising multiple control measures that requires working in tandem with you to attain best results. These are:


Actions to prevent pests from entering the premises. This helps to protect your premises by avoiding the problems of dealing with a pest infestation in the first instance.


Despite best efforts, pests cannot be completely excluded from entering your premises and cause problems. Restriction adopts strategies to limit pest, movement, breeding and damage.


Having identified possible entry or pest activity issues, attention is focused on destruction (elimination) strategies.


The final step of the program is monitoring. Exclusion, Restriction along with Destroying pests alone is not sufficient without adopting adequate ongoing monitoring strategies. Monitoring identifies any potential problems early with the aim of controlling minor issues in becoming major infestations.