We offer the complete range of pest management services for property managers, real estate agents and strata managers.

Our extensive and diverse building portfolio coupled with our comprehensive knowledge of large commercial, retail and residential strata apartment sites gives us the edge in the industry when it comes to ensuring pest issues are kept under control.

CIVIL Pest Management is the number one trusted name when it comes to providing pest services to property managers.
We do not take any shortcuts when preparing quotations, preparing scope of works and performing treatments. Every building site is different with varying type of pest pressures.

Factors we consider include:

  • Surrounding location (i.e. next to shopping centre or train line).
  • Age and condition of buildings.
  • Open space, landscape, garden areas and proximity to trees.
  • Bin room management and overall building cleaning procedures.

These are just some of the factors that can influence the type and degree of pest issues associated with many multisite, high rise residential, retail and commercial strata buildings.

This is why we take the time to undertake a thorough site-specific inspection and develop an integrated pest management (IPM) program tailored for your site. We then work closely with property managers and owners committee to implement any actions resulting from our recommendations.

Real Estate Agents managing large property portfolios have to deal with multiple pressures, having to constantly ensure that everybody is kept happy and abreast of what is happening at all times.

We understand the importance and fine balance in keeping both landlords and tenants happy.

Tenants and landlords sometimes try to resolve the problem with DIY products. We generally find this does not always work, in some instances, may cost more and may even result in unnecessary health risks. For instance, being attacked by wasps, bees, falling off a ladder or poisoning.

It’s always best to engage a professional technician to the job right, first time.

From the moment we receive your work order, we spring into action - taking ownership of the entire process from directly co-ordinating with tenants, resolving pest issues, keeping you informed of our progress, to providing detailed reporting that makes it easy for you when discussing with landlords.

Who is responsible for getting rid of pests from a rental property? 

Generally, landlords are responsible for pest and vermin issues that occur at the start of the tenancy.

Conversely, tenants are generally responsible for getting rid of pests and vermin if the issue arises after they have moved into the property and whether it was caused by the tenant’s activities or lack of cleanliness.

What does an end-of-lease flea treatment cover?

If pets (i.e. dog /cat) are kept on the premises, then tenants are required to engage a professional pest company to undertake a flea treatment at the end of the lease term. Don’t be caught out, this is a specialised treatment for fleas only. It does not cover treatment for any other pest or additional pest issues that the property might be experiencing (i.e. cockroaches, rodents spiders etc). To ensure complete compliance with Health, safety and security in a rental property | NSW Fair Trading obligations, rental properties are required to be free from all pest types at the beginning of a new lease term, not just for fleas. 

As part of our flea treatment, we investigate the premises for any other underlying pest issues and provide a report with recommended action items to be addressed prior to leasing the property.

Our services include:

  • Initial site evaluation report.
  • Provide pest treatment notices in line with EPA regulations.
  • Maintain regular pest treatment schedules.
  • Safely eradicate current infestations.
  • End-of-lease flea treatment & inspection.
  • End-of-lease general pest treatment.
  • Provide electronic treatment records, outlining our findings & recommendations after every treatment.
  • Provide bin room hygiene and housekeeping procedures.
  • Complete work order management (tenant liaison and job bookings).