Shopping centres have particular challenges when it comes to ensuring they keep ‘pest free’ and maintain compliance with Council and NSW Food authority regulations.

The abundance of retail food premises, restaurants, loading dock delivery areas and food storage facilities within every shopping centre will attract many unwanted pests, including cockroaches, fly’s, birds and vermin. 

Pest outbreaks in shopping centres have significant impacts on business reputation, food spoilage, decline in profits and in some instances business closures.

It only takes one food outlet within a shopping centre with an ongoing pest infestation, not being properly addressed to quickly spread to other adjoining food premises in food courts, including shared back of house storage facilities and bin rooms.

Which is why It is extremely important for shopping centres to engage and partner with a professional pest management company that has a holistic approach, covering every aspect of pest management across the entire centre.

CIVIL Pest Management is actively involved in assisting centre managers to ensure such outbreaks do not occur. Our services include:

  • Initial site evaluation and report.
  • Maintain regular pest inspections and treatment.
  • Eradicate current infestations.
  • Bird proofing.
  • Feral animal management.
  • Undertake independent ‘pest’ inspections on food premises to ensure compliance with regulations.
  • Provide advisory/consulting services – including review third party pest reports to ensure pest issues are being properly addressed and prevent any infestations spreading throughout the centre.
  • Provide electronic treatment records, outlining our findings & recommendations after every treatment.
  • Provide best practice bin room hygiene and overall housekeeping procedures.